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Movie Documentary "Stone Age" ARD/SWR

How did people of the 21st century cope during their time journey back into the Stone Age? What were their most impressive experiences and encounters? The restoration and reopening of the Stone Age Village from the TV Series at the Lake Dwelling Museum in Unteruhldingen at Lake Constance with all requisites, a special exhibit, and the reports of our „Stone Age Guides.“ They will inform you on a tour about the experimental project of contemporary Stone Age Archaeology.

"Man at the Lake"

About 150 years ago, the first prehistoric remains of settlements were discovered at Lake Zurich. These finds entered history as the Lake Dwellings. Since then, a large number of such settlements were found in the water and at the shores of the prealpine lakes. Over 1100 sites are meanwhile known in Europe. These finds surprise us, because of their excellent conditions, and at the same time, they grant us a look back into a long lost world.

Science has gained fascinating insights about people of the Lake Dwelling period. The exhibit “Man at the Lake”, centers around questions such as ”how did people look back then?", "what was their daily life like, and how did they die?” „What did they carry in their trouser pockets“ or "what kind of garments did they wear?" You will find the answers in the permanent exhibit at the ground floor and the basement in the new building of the Museum. Original finds from the Lake Dwellings at Lake Constance exemplify the connections in colored illustrations and with detailed reconstructions of artifacts. A „diver aquarium“ with life fish conveys the work of underwater archeology at the lake floor. In the Museum Shop, you can pick up brochures that provide supplementary information.
  Ausstellung Menschen am Bodensee

Ausstellung Menschen am Bodensee

"Historical Exhibit"

In Building 1 of the Museum, which was completed as early as 1934, then expanded in 1954, and renovated in 2005, you discover a „Museum within a Museum“. This building houses the nearly authentic exhibit of the early years with original finds at Lake Constance. The showcases show pieces from the private collection of the museum founder George Sulger from the early period of the research, and of the excavations undertaken by Dr. Hans Reinerths from Sipplingen from the twenties of the last century in the style of that time. The exhibit building is like the earlier buildings in the Open Air Museum, an example for the at that time comparatively modern and innovative museums didactic of an Open Air Museum with archaeological collections. The exhibition is like the early buildings in the Open Air Museum, also an example of the fundamental and, at that time comparatively modern and pioneering museum didactics of an open-air museum with archaeological collections.   Ausstellung Menschen am Bodensee

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