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  Groupes de touristes lac du constance

Groupes de touristes
The Lake Dwellings are comfortably reached by bus (tourist or regular), ferry, boat, train, and even by bicycle or on foot. No matter what your plans, Unteruhldingen is a worthwhile destination to be included in your holiday travels.

Navigation: Unteruhldingen, Ehbachstraße.

The map to the right below shows the three trails that offer an enjoyable walk through nature. The trails are running along the Poststraße (middle), Schulstraße (left), and along Ehbachweg (right). Information boards and „Time Islands“ (yellow dots) along the way, describe the history of Unteruhldingen and the landscape. From the parking facilities at the end of the village, a "Kurbähnle" (shuttle train) takes visitors to the Harbor.

The next bus stops for regular busses are "Unteruhldingen, Meersburger Straße" (Seelinie Friedrichshafen-Überlingen) and "Unteruhldingen, Hafen/Pfahlbauten" (Harbor/Lakedwellings) (Adventurebus Salem-Unteruhldingen). The regional transportation office, Verkehrsverbund "Bodo", offers discounts for groups. Advance reservation is required for larger groups wanting to travel with the Erlebnisbus (adventure bus) (Phone +49 (0) 7541 301385).

Ferries, ships, and trains also offer group discounts. Unteruhldingen is accessible by boat or ferry from all harbors at Lake Constance within a one-day excursion. There are numerous options to combine a visit to the Lake Dwellings with a boat ride, e.g. traveling from Unteruhldingen to the Island Mainau or to Meersburg and/or a making tour around the Lake at Überlingen.

The world-famous Rococo church Birnau, the Affenberg (ape mountain), the Salem castle, the old Meersburg, the Lake Dwellings and the Island Mainau, are the six top ten attractions you can visit at Lake Constance within less than a 10 km radius. On clear days, you can even see the Säntis Mountain at St. Gallen, Switzerland, and the alpine chain across the lake.

Finally, you can enjoy a relaxing swim at the lake side swimming pool (no admission charges) or enjoy local cakes and foods in nearby Cafés and hotels directly at the Harbor, one of the most beautiful places at Lake Constance.

Uhldingen-Mühlhofen offers a large variety of gastronomical pleasures. The following restaurants and pubs are offering “Lake Dwelling Meals” for groups: (prefix +49 (0)7556) Mainaublick 9 21 30, Seehof 9 29 30, Storchen 6591, Uhldinger Hof 5776, Sternen 9 30 20.

Our tips:

For groups of disabled persons, a disabled bus pass that allows to drive up to the entrance of the Lake Dwelling Museum can be obtained for a small fee from Mr. Baur (Phone +49 (0) 2045396) at the Landratsamt Bodenseekreis. The pass is available on short notice.

Registration for a guided tour by telephone at +49 (0) 7556 8543. Upon request also shorter tours are available for groups of disabled persons.

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